How to promote my bio-based products?

How do I find a bio-based solution adapted to my needs?

Discover THE solution: Agrobiobase

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Highlighting one of our products on the Agrobiobase home page had an immediate effect. We were contacted by a prospect within an hour of updating our listing! Claire COLLET, Marketing Team, MOLYDAL

“As upstream actor in the value chain, requests generated by Agrobiobase allow us to refine our understanding of the market and determine the relevance of our innovations to meet customer demand. The tool allows us to have direct access with all the stakeholders, some of our customers are also listed on the website. Agrobiobase is a complementary tool to our actions, from a commercial, marketing and communication point of view.” Stéphane BERNARD, Business Manager Materials


“Agrobiobase, a real showcase ! This is a very interesting tool that acts as a « dictionary of bio-sourced solutions». It highlights the essential information about bioproducts: market availability, specifications, REACh, MSDS (material safety data) …
Add our bio-based products on Agrobiobase enhances our visibility with our customers. With a few clicks, they have an overview of all our products. ” Frank THUMEREL, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Biohub Program

Already 8 Soliance’s products on Agrobiobase, we plan to add 4 in 2013 ” Ophélie BOURGON, Operational Marketing Manager


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