Strategic studies and advice


IAR carries out personalized studies on request to help decision-makers in the bioeconomy in their strategic decision-making and to support them in the detection and development of opportunities.



Map sources of biomass

Quantify the actual availability of raw materials

Evaluate the competitiveness of bioresources

Develop a procurement plan



Achieve a technological state of the art

Choose the right processes

Guide the development of a technology

Connect with new technological and industrial partners



Evaluate the potential of your markets

Analyze the accessibility of your markets

Position your biobased products

Identify your first customers





An international network of companies, academics and institutions

A multidisciplinary team (chemist, biochemist, agronomist, innovation management, industrial property analysis)

15 experiences in economic intelligence and carrying out studies

Daily monitoring of all bioeconomy topics

Bioresources – Feed & Food – Chemistry & Biotechnology – Bio-based materials – Bioenergy – Processes & Technology


Market opportunity assessment – benchmark of protein products available in a market segment in animal feed

Strategic study of setting up a sector – development of a sector for valuing extractables from wood

State of the art – analyse de polymères biosourcés disponibles et pertinents pour le développement d’un emballage technique

Prospective study – analysis of the market environment and of the biocontrol solution offer by 2030

Assessment of an investment project – assessment of technical, economic and regulatory risks

Support in the design of a territorial marketing strategy – assessment of the advantages of a territory and prioritization of bioeconomy sectors to be developed

Design of a business model and a business plan – development of scenarios for the exploitation of biorefinery-type biomass


“Terrena Innovation called on the Competitive Intelligence unit of the IAR cluster for a prospective monitoring study as part of a strategic reflexion for the Terrena cooperative. The strength of the cluster’s network, the tools at their disposal and their skills, the study carried out gave us great satisfaction.” Sophie NICOLLEAU, Research and Innovation Manager of Terrena Innovation

“Avril used the services of IAR’s Competitive Intelligence as part of a strategic reflexion. We wondered about the potential of a market and the place that the group could take in this environment. The qualitative and quantitative data collected, particularly based on the large IAR network, allowed us to make an informed decision about the opportunity assessed. We are greatly satisfied with the service and sensitive to IAR’s philosophy as well as its know-how in engaging in constructive relationships with manufacturers.” Amandine Perez, Head of the Innovation Performance Pole, Avril Group


“VIVESCIA asked the IAR team to assess the potential for a new market. The seriousness, thoroughness, adaptability and quality of the report provided fully met our expectations. We will re-solicit and recommend the IAR Competitive Intelligence team.” Julie ANTHONI Ph.D, Head of department, Fractionation-Purification, VIVESCIA


“We entrusted the Competitive Intelligence Service with the validation of our strategic orientations. Their seriousness, the quality of their listening and their advice were real assets to convince around our project. We warmly recommend them!” Marie-Gabrielle Jouan, CEO, Bgene

“The Competitive Intelligence department of the IAR Cluster has been able to respond to our problem by carrying out a market and opportunity study with rigorous and regular monitoring, listening to our needs, great adaptability, and very good knowledge of the bioeconomy sector. The conclusions of the study have enabled us to refine our strategy and identify new development opportunities.” Amélie Drouault, business developer, Arbiom

stella lanolines

“The scope of the study, following our requests and our issues, was well targeted. The study made it possible to define an interesting strategic diagnosis which itself leads to a selection of development avenues that we are currently exploiting. We thus hope, thanks to this study, to be able to achieve within a reasonable time the goal that we had set ourselves and which without it would have had no chance of succeeding. » Gérard Vanhaesebroucke, administrator, Stella Lanolines

axlr satt

“The IAR cluster supported us in carrying out a study on a biorefinery project. Like any project of this type, it is complex to identify opportunities for valuing materials, molecules and combinations of the two in a market in demand, with strong economic constraints. The work of the IAR division has enabled us to position our development efforts according to the attractiveness of the market, depending on price constraints but also on process costs. Beyond the figures, we benefited from the experience of the IAR cluster through various advice on the constraints of the biorefinery, the needs of stakeholders in the field, etc. The mission was carried out efficiently and we noted a strong involvement of the consultant.” Dimitri TRUYEN, Ph.D, Business Developer in Chemistry, materials and process – AxLR


“We chose the IAR cluster following a call for tenders to which several companies responded. At each stage of the selection, the IAR cluster and its Competitive Intelligence service seemed to us to be the most responsive and attentive. We were then able to observe their good understanding of our specifications, their ability to offer us new ideas and finally their excellent mastery of information retrieval tools. We were finally convinced that the IAR cluster was in line with our project. Improve particularly appreciated the technical support with a trusted partner. For more than a year, the IAR cluster has proven to be the right provider for its services and advice. Our readers and subscribers, leaders in global innovation in the “protein ecosystem”, are particularly interested in the nature and quality of the information we send them. Finally, skills and responsiveness are the qualities of the IAR cluster which have led us to renew our collaboration. We were not disappointed!” Jean Baptiste Tailliez, Sales Director at Improve

“The IAR team has strong knowledge in the field. Its skills, combined with the mobilization capacity of its network and the relevance of Tremplin information, make the IAR cluster a real ally in our R&D thinking”Myriam Fliss, R&D Manager, Malteries Soufflet


“Very good work done within tight deadlines” Alba Delparte, Engineer, Bioressources Department, ADEME

total groupe

“The cross-checks that we have made between our internal database and the document of the IAR cluster on molecules, actors, available volumes, gave us confidence in the quality of the document and the accuracy of the quantified data it contains.” Henri STRUB, Senior Scientific Adviser Chemistry, TOTAL New Energies / R&D


“For the first time, with this overview of bio-based intermediates, we have a complete and well-documented review of molecules and developing markets. This study is useful for all stakeholders in the plant-based chemicals value chain: from agro-industries to processors and formulators of products.” Christophe Rupp-Dahlem, vice-president R&D plant-based chemistry, Roquette.


“A comprehensive, up-to-date and in-depth document, with multiple entry routes: through biomasses, processes, molecules, stakeholders and markets. For an academic researcher, this perfectly complements what you read in scientific journals and what you hear in conferences. This is a basis for choosing an original strategy and setting up public-private partnerships as well as monitoring tools.” Paul Colonna, Professor at the Collège de France, Scientific Director at the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), General manager, 3BCAR (Carnot institute on plant chemistry)

“The IAR cluster supported us in carrying out a study to assess the deposit and identify target bio-industrial sectors for the territory. The IAR cluster has partnered with CATRAM and INDDIGO to offer complementary skills across the entire value chain. The skills and knowledge of the IAR cluster on agro-industries have enabled us to identify strategic stakeholders for the development of bio-industries in our territory. This work will allow us to better target our prospects and provide them with information relevant to the development of their project. The mission was carried out efficiently and we noted a strong involvement of the consultant. » Frédérick BERNARD, PhD, Business Developer Industries, Le Havre Développement.

sas pivert

“PIVERT called on the Competitive Intelligence of the IAR cluster to orient the strategic positioning of 2 technologies that we wanted to address to a new market. In addition to providing a complete response adapted to our needs, the IAR cluster put us in touch with stakeholders in the target market. We are greatly satisfied with the service which allowed us to develop our innovation activity.” Nathalie Vouillon, Innovation Business Developer, SAS PIVERT.

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