INnovative Chemoenzymatic InTEgrated processes

INCITE is a H2020 project aiming to accelerate a transition to a more flexible and sustainable chemistry by developing novel integrated upstream and downstream processing. The project will involve flow chemistry, photochemistry, enzymatic conversion and membrane technology in two industrial scale demonstration cases.

Coordinator: Oleon NV
Funding: € 13 200 000 (H2020 – SPIRE)
Total Budget: € 17 400 000
Period: 2019 – 2023


Demonstrate the flexibility, the simplicity and modularity of the proposed solutions

Increase productivity, yield and product purity

Reduce downstream processing efforts

Expected impacts:

INCITE’s solutions will easily adapt from one process to another and possibly extend to additional substrates such as fine chemicals, esters, pharmaceuticals

INCITE’s solutions will decrease chemicals processes environmental footprint

INCITE’s solutions will decrease both CAPEX and OPEX compared to traditional chemical synthesis

INCITE will training of the current and future generation of employees


INCITE brings together 8 European partners:

1 cluster: IAR, the French Bioeconomy Cluster

2 large/medium industries: OLEON , ENDURA

2 Research and Technology Organisations: IMM – Fraunhofer, VITO


1 Start-up: BIOP

1 academic institution: Ghent University

1 cluster : IAR, le Pôle de la Bioéconomie


IAR oversees dissemination and communication actions of this project alongside participation in market studies.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 870023

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