The core of Bioeconomy For Change’s work is related to the bioeconomy, focused on the following topics: ingredients for human food and animal feed, biomass resources, bio-molecules, bio-based materials and bio-energy.

These strategic themes are the focus of dedicated committees and working groups who exchange information, work collaboratively and help project development.

Agricultural biomass, forestry biomass, marine biomass, bio-waste, microbial biomass


Sustainable resource production, protection of farming systems, reconciling food and non-food uses, ecosystem services, local sectors maximising the value of biomass


Innovative agricultural systems, soil fertility management, recycling of residual products, biological inputs, biological control measures, precision agriculture, digital agriculture, agricultural machinery

Committee President: Olivier DAUGER – Président de la Chambre d’Agriculture des Hauts-de-France
Committee Vice President: Christian ROUSSEAU, Farmer, Vice-president of Terrasolis and of RITTMO
Bioeconomy For Change Contact: Ingrid BOUVART


Food and feed

Target products:

Intermediate products: starches, gelling agents, emulsifiers, flours, colourants, sweeteners, vegetable proteins…
End products: biscuits, protein-based foods, food supplements, pasta, cooked meals, wine and beers, functional foods…

Committee President: Frédéric BOUVIER, Scientific Advisor, Nutrition and R&D at Roquette
Committee Vice President: Stephane GAUTHIER – R&D Portfolio Manager chez Bonduelle
Bioeconomy For Change Contact: Madeleine DE COLNET


Intermediate chemicals of plant origin, polymers (thermoplastics, thermosetting materials, elastomeric materials), plant-based compounds (lubricant base, bio-solvents, surfactants and other additives: rheology additives, flame retardants, preservatives (antimicrobial), anti-UV and antioxidants, colourants and pigments, fragrances), bio-active substances, cosmetics, paints, inks, polishes, detergents, coatings, phytosanitary products, materials, industrial sector (lubricants, cleaning products), aromas and perfumes


Shampoos, creams, make-up, nail polish, decorative and protective paint, printer inks, wood glue and industrial glue, lubrication products for chainsaws and metal work, industrial and home-cleaning products, dishwashing liquid, flooring (for example for sports halls, asphalt and other road resurfacing work), tyres, candles, plant protection additives

Committee President: Régis MARCHAND – Open Innovation Team Leader chez Seppic
Committee Vice President: Juliette MARTIN – R&D Partnerships Manager chez Sequens
Bioeconomy For Change Contact: Lena MÜLLER-LOHSE


Transport, buildings and public works, packaging, sport and leisure, furniture and design


Composite parts for the transport sector (car interiors, train cabins etc), insulation products, asphalt made from plant-based aggregates, membranes, coatings for the construction sector and public works, packaging and bags destined for the agri-food industry, cosmetics etc, linens, sports and leisure products, furniture etc

Committee President: Pierre BONO – Directeur FRD-CODEM
Committee Vice President: Patrice DOLE – Directeur de la recherche CTCPA & Denilson DA SILVA PEREZ – Senior R&D Project leader FCBA
Bioeconomy For Change Contact: Jean BAUSSET


Road, air and sea transport


Biodiesel, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, hydrogen, biogas, bio-kerosene, ethanol fuel cells etc.

Committee President: Thierry DANIEL – Délégué Nord Est chez GRTgaz
Bioeconomy For Change Contact: Lena MÜLLER-LOHSE

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